Core Values and Entertaining Distractions

reflecting on my core values, and shamelessly self promoting myself. I'm on a podcast, got interviewed for a sweet new website, I opened a store online, and I'm teaching a workshop on comic making!


Workers Without Borders, a few neat none-profits you can put your trade skills to work with! There is a place in every trade persons’ heart for sharing their skills and knowledge with others.  It feels good to be able to say; ‘I can make that happen’, and then to demonstrate.  And that is why working … Continue reading SHARING POWER WITH THE WORLD BY SHARING SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE

Mental Health and Addiction In The Trades

I’ve been thinking a lot about mental health and addiction in the trades these days. So much so that I frequent the Centre For Disease Control and World Health Organization websites looking for interesting articles and statistics regarding construction workers and their overall relationship to mental health and addiction. I have heard that rates of … Continue reading Mental Health and Addiction In The Trades

I Was A Pain In The Ass Apprentice.

I was a pain in the ass apprentice. Not so long ago I was an electrical apprentice.  It took me 6 years to complete the 6000 hours of workplace experience and 40 weeks of schooling.  I had good days and bad days, and made some friends along the way.  I also met some people I … Continue reading I Was A Pain In The Ass Apprentice.


I’m working under the 500kv lines. Atop a mountain looking over the mainland this time. Above the city of Coquitlam. I can look across the way and imagine the outline of the water treatment plant I was working on a few months back.  Mostly I just see the mountains of trees yonder, with a clear … Continue reading WORKING UNDER INDUCTION

Sexy things, and repulsive things

I love my job.  Driving to work I have a great time looking forward to working as an electrician.  There are a lot of sexy terms in the electrical trade.  Such as, if I ever worked with someone attractive I could try to use electrical puns to get into their pants. Pun my way into … Continue reading Sexy things, and repulsive things

Electricity Is Like Water, Flowing In A Pipe, Regardless Of Gender

They say women have less resistance in their bodies than men.  No not the political sort, sillies.  The sort of resistance to slow down the electrical current.  The resistance of a given object depends primarily on two factors: What material it is made of, and its shape.  So really, if a persons body is holding … Continue reading Electricity Is Like Water, Flowing In A Pipe, Regardless Of Gender

First Aid, AED’s and Electrocution

Out on the work site, up a ladder, I'm wiring an LCC panel.  The print is easy to follow, and all the cables are well labeled so my mind is able to drift around in thought.  I'm thinking about AED's (automated external defibulators).  In my electrical apprenticeship program, it was stressed repeatedly, (and this question … Continue reading First Aid, AED’s and Electrocution