Sue Doro Interview, featuring PRIDE AND A PAYCHECK

Sue Doro, and the e-magazine for and by tradeswomen, called Pride and a Paycheck

Susan Eisenberg, Electrician, Writer, Poet, Artist

I discovered the wonderful Susan Eisenberg more recently when an online performance by and for women in the trades was being organized, and there was a callout for performers.  I thought, oh hey, maybe this is an opportunity to do some stand-up comedy, and I answered the email.  Susan was the main organizer, and she … Continue reading Susan Eisenberg, Electrician, Writer, Poet, Artist


It’s a weeknight at around 7:00 PM, somewhere in a sub-urban neighborhood, sheltered by commercial box stores and busy sidewalk lined streets. I can hear traffic, and smell food cooking.  We are outside a pub, and I am listening to a few other women carry on a conversation about motorcycles, because they like to ride … Continue reading WOMENS COMMITTEE, TREEPLANTING AND LOVE