Mental Health and Addiction In The Trades

I’ve been thinking a lot about mental health and addiction in the trades these days. So much so that I frequent the Centre For Disease Control and World Health Organization websites looking for interesting articles and statistics regarding construction workers and their overall relationship to mental health and addiction. I have heard that rates of … Continue reading Mental Health and Addiction In The Trades


Choosing And Using Assertiveness

In the trades, life is easier if you can communicate clearly with others. Heck, ALL OF LIFE is easier when you can communicate clearly with others!  And communicating assertively has pretty much become my new daily mantra. What is assertiveness?  An honest, direct, and appropriate expression of one’s feelings, thoughts, beliefs and needs without undue … Continue reading Choosing And Using Assertiveness


I’m working under the 500kv lines. Atop a mountain looking over the mainland this time. Above the city of Coquitlam. I can look across the way and imagine the outline of the water treatment plant I was working on a few months back.  Mostly I just see the mountains of trees yonder, with a clear … Continue reading WORKING UNDER INDUCTION


It’s a weeknight at around 7:00 PM, somewhere in a sub-urban neighborhood, sheltered by commercial box stores and busy sidewalk lined streets. I can hear traffic, and smell food cooking.  We are outside a pub, and I am listening to a few other women carry on a conversation about motorcycles, because they like to ride … Continue reading WOMENS COMMITTEE, TREEPLANTING AND LOVE