Greetings wonderful blog subscribers, random internet searchers, and number 1 frequent visitors! I am excited to announce a new zine publication, which is mostly a printed version of this blog, plus comics, plus one article previously unpublished. Now available in a few different colour covers to choose from! 'WHATS SO FUNNY ABOUT BEING A FEMALE … Continue reading ‘WHATS SO FUNNY ABOUT BEING A FEMALE ELECTRICIAN?’

Dichotomys; Brain vrs. Heart

The other day a fellow electrician posted an image to his facebook page.  It said: 'my politics are simple, I'm basically against anything that kills people or the planet we live on'.  I had a chuckle at this. Does he know? Has he considered the job he spends his waking passionate hours doing is something … Continue reading Dichotomys; Brain vrs. Heart

Mental Health and Addiction Within The Trades

I recently asked some other electricians, that I consider my peers, what advice they would give to other electrical apprentices.  I got some great advice, such as from Oleg: ‘Take as little time off as possible. Only turn down over time if you have a really good reason. Don't talk about the weird shit you're … Continue reading Mental Health and Addiction Within The Trades


It’s a weeknight at around 7:00 PM, somewhere in a sub-urban neighborhood, sheltered by commercial box stores and busy sidewalk lined streets. I can hear traffic, and smell food cooking.  We are outside a pub, and I am listening to a few other women carry on a conversation about motorcycles, because they like to ride … Continue reading WOMENS COMMITTEE, TREEPLANTING AND LOVE