Tunnel Vision

When I plan my day, I have the distant future imbeded in my peripheral vision.  When I walk the dog, I look ahead of me down the side walk, and I march her along next to me, like a slave driver.  She is good to me, my dog.  She reminds me there are other directions.  … Continue reading Tunnel Vision


Electricity Is Like Water, Flowing In A Pipe, Regardless Of Gender

They say women have less resistance in their bodies than men.  No not the political sort, sillies.  The sort of resistance to slow down the electrical current.  The resistance of a given object depends primarily on two factors: What material it is made of, and its shape.  So really, if a persons body is holding … Continue reading Electricity Is Like Water, Flowing In A Pipe, Regardless Of Gender

First Aid, AED’s and Electrocution

Out on the work site, up a ladder, I'm wiring an LCC panel.  The print is easy to follow, and all the cables are well labeled so my mind is able to drift around in thought.  I'm thinking about AED's (automated external defibulators).  In my electrical apprenticeship program, it was stressed repeatedly, (and this question … Continue reading First Aid, AED’s and Electrocution

Whats A Substation? Where I Work and How I got Here

A:Primary power lines' side B:Secondary power lines' side 1.Primary power lines 2.Ground wire 3.Overhead lines 4.Lightning arrester 5.Disconnect switch 6.Circuit breaker 7.Current transformer 8.Transformer for measurement of electric voltage 9.Main transformer 10.Control building 11.Security fence 12.Secondary power lines