Eff You Drywall.

So, turns out dropping a dozen sheets of drywall onto your own legs, being pinned to the ground in a crumpled mess underneath the near tonne of dead weight, finding yourself surrounded by people who panic with you, rush to your aid, get enough able bodies together to lift the sheets high enough for you … Continue reading Eff You Drywall.


Mental Health and Addiction In The Trades

I’ve been thinking a lot about mental health and addiction in the trades these days. So much so that I frequent the Centre For Disease Control and World Health Organization websites looking for interesting articles and statistics regarding construction workers and their overall relationship to mental health and addiction. I have heard that rates of … Continue reading Mental Health and Addiction In The Trades

Unions, Get In One and Get Off Your Butt. A Trade Workers Perspective.

 An electrician’s perspective on why joining a union as a tradesperson is the smartest thing you’ll ever do, and why just paying your dues isn't good enough. What’s a union?  A labour union is a group of workers who group themselves together to bargain with governments, industry and employers to improve working conditions.  Its me, you, … Continue reading Unions, Get In One and Get Off Your Butt. A Trade Workers Perspective.

I Was A Pain In The Ass Apprentice.

I was a pain in the ass apprentice. Not so long ago I was an electrical apprentice.  It took me 6 years to complete the 6000 hours of workplace experience and 40 weeks of schooling.  I had good days and bad days, and made some friends along the way.  I also met some people I … Continue reading I Was A Pain In The Ass Apprentice.

Electricians Without Borders Interview

     Nearly two months ago, an article in my union locals newsletter caught my eye about  a non-governmental organization called Electricians Without Borders. They are a group of volunteer electricians, paying their own travel to communities in need, to share their talents and time. This sounded awesome and I had to know more. I … Continue reading Electricians Without Borders Interview

My Infatuation With Homelessness.

As a teenager, when the pressure started to weigh of having to support myself one day, I would consume myself with what I thought were bigger questions. I wanted answers to these questions before I could start to make any plans for independent living, or any other methods of survival or community contribution.  What was … Continue reading My Infatuation With Homelessness.


Something changed forever in me when my father died. I must have been at the ripest age for that sort of experience, because I’m certain the direction of my life altered forever on that day. In my late teenage years, I was asking exciting questions to the universe, such as: ‘What am I going to … Continue reading HOW DID YOU DECIDE TO BECOME AN ELECTRICIAN…?

Choosing And Using Assertiveness

In the trades, life is easier if you can communicate clearly with others. Heck, ALL OF LIFE is easier when you can communicate clearly with others!  And communicating assertively has pretty much become my new daily mantra. What is assertiveness?  An honest, direct, and appropriate expression of one’s feelings, thoughts, beliefs and needs without undue … Continue reading Choosing And Using Assertiveness