Apparently electricians are crazy.  They work with electricity, a dangerous form of energy that can kill you! They magically put life into things and go home at the end of the day as though they are JUST average bears.  They risk their lives, so the rest of the world can have lights on at night … Continue reading ELECTRIC SHOCK AND HOW TO AVOID IT


Dichotomys; Brain vrs. Heart

The other day a fellow electrician posted an image to his facebook page.  It said: 'my politics are simple, I'm basically against anything that kills people or the planet we live on'.  I had a chuckle at this. Does he know? Has he considered the job he spends his waking passionate hours doing is something … Continue reading Dichotomys; Brain vrs. Heart


I’m working under the 500kv lines. Atop a mountain looking over the mainland this time. Above the city of Coquitlam. I can look across the way and imagine the outline of the water treatment plant I was working on a few months back.  Mostly I just see the mountains of trees yonder, with a clear … Continue reading WORKING UNDER INDUCTION

First Aid, AED’s and Electrocution

Out on the work site, up a ladder, I'm wiring an LCC panel.  The print is easy to follow, and all the cables are well labeled so my mind is able to drift around in thought.  I'm thinking about AED's (automated external defibulators).  In my electrical apprenticeship program, it was stressed repeatedly, (and this question … Continue reading First Aid, AED’s and Electrocution