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  • Molly Martin’s blog post about me!
  • My first stand up comedy show on youtube! I would love to do more live shows if anyone wants my 5 minute stand up set live!
  • Yes, I was a child actress, and this is my IMDB

Kahla Lichti RSE

site creator

I spent a lot of time when I was looking into becoming an electrician trying to find someone like me to gain inspiration, insight and knowledge from. My online and library searches found hardly anyone, as well as no fiction on the topics. So I started this blog. It became a documentation of my journey through apprenticeship. Now that I have received my red seal journey-woman ticket a few years ago, the blog has evolved into stories, art, essays, interviews and whatever else I can think of that might be interesting for other people in the trades. Maybe you would like to suggest a topic or be a guest writer! Or maybe you would like to suggest a book or blog link that I can check out and add to the listings on this site. Be in touch!
Okay, enough rambling for now, work and play safe everyone!

From Kla, RSE


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