Core Values and Entertaining Distractions

I was going to write a post about a few things I have learnt about myself, regarding how it’s okay to have conflicting core values.  I have learnt that although one of my core values is that life is more important than making a financial profit, I also value being financially independent and having the ability to be generous and to take care of others.  This has resulted in my choosing a career that provides a service to others. This has also resulted in learning to laugh at the absurd, and making a comic book about it.

I have learnt that a part of the foundation of my belief system is that everyone and everything on the planet is intertwined and connected, which explains why I feel personally attacked when bombs are dropped, water polluted, food wasted, groups of people described and treated as less valuable. When divisive conspiracy theories become pop culture I become concerned with the way fear of the other (xenophobia) becomes a stronger voice than working together as a collective group. I could rant on in this way for quite some time, but instead I would like to focus on some rad other things I have going on in order to distract myself and hopefully you as well from a negative thought spiral. 

I even traded a comic book for a sticker pack! Thanks NastyN8! He’s got a great selection of stickers and other art, and his podcast is very entertaining, focusing mostly on 2-3 hour chats with a variety of tradies from mostly USA but also Canada.

Angela, a busy construction company owner, just launched this website, by and for women in trades to connect and be inspired by! Catch some of my previously published articles up on her site, and so many more amazing trade ladies being badasses!

The comic book is soon to be up as a prize on her Instagram! Check out the contest here:

Thank you Angela for all that you do you’re amazing!

  • I also decided to open up a redbubble shop! You can now get a variety of comics and other collages printed on a variety of products offered by redbubble.  It’s pretty neat, check out this water bottle! theres stickers, shirts, posters, all kinds of cool stuff, go check it out-!

  • And lastly, in other news I have taken on the project of teaching  comic making workshops! Heres my first event, it’s called DRAWING COMICS AS THERAPY.  Check out the facebook events page:

It’s taking place online on zoom, This upcoming Sunday August 23rd 2020 4-6pm EST (Montreal Time). Free or by donation, all welcome! Hope to see you online this Sunday 🙂

If you want to keep track of upcoming workshops, like and follow the shoptalk trade comics facebook and instagram pages, you will see a new comic everyday, as well as notifications. You should also follow this blog and catch the news when I publish a new post. Take care and be safe!


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