the porta -jane. womens toilet.

Before I head over to the work zone, I stop by the bathroom.  The substation I’m on is fairly large, with at least 3 bathroom I know of.  There’s one that’s particularly gross and filthy,  where the taps are the kind you have to hold open and the soap is vintage lever 2000 from the 1960’s so you cannot properly wash your hands.  That’s the one the boss man told me I could call the women’s washroom.  When he showed it to me, a man walked out of it.  We both had a good chuckle at that one.  Good thing for him, I grew up with 5 younger brothers and have lived in many punk houses. I ALWAYS wipe down the seat before I sit down. Regardless of any visuals. What if the lighting is bad and you think its a dry seat, but then get up with moist legs?!? I hate that shit.  That’s shit is gross. And if there’s shit on the seat, I will refuse to sit there until someone else cleans it. That’s disgusting.

 Except at my moms tho, I cant really make demands like that at my moms.  If you want something done at moms place you gotta do it yourself.  The only time at work there was shit on the seat was in a portable-potty.  And there’s usually more than one, so you can shop around a bit before you pick the right potty for you.  Sometimes on big sites they will have a portable-potty just for the women with a lock on it.  I have never aquired one of these keys to such a lock, however,  and usually end up just using whatever is available.  There was one site I was at, that the women would just go offsite to sneak into some restaurant bathroom.    I felt brave so would just hold my breath.  One day I showed up hungover though, and  the smell made me feel so nauseated I vomited.  Into a cardboard box.  On my way back to my work area.  I’m not sure if anyone saw me or what, but I was just walking back, and saw a empty box, picked it up and picked my guts out right there.  Then I folded the box up, and put it on the top of a pile of garbage and continued walking to the work area.  That was gross.
From then on I used that as an excuse to join the rest of the ladies and the neighboring restaurant to pee.

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